Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Moving Day

Today I moved from Split to Dubrovnik. In Dubrovnik I met the landlords of the apartment that we are staying in today and I am writing this. Today we had to pack all of our stuff that were in Split.
We went in the car for hours I kept on saying “Are we there yet?” and the answer was no until we got to Mostar. In Mostar little girls had to where veils or hats so that boys would not see how pretty they are. It is in Bosnia and that was my first Muslim country. A guy in Mostar jumped off of a really high bridge. My dad tells me that this is an important part of history; the bridge not the man jumping. There was a war of Muslims and Christians fighting on this bridge. At the end they blew up the bridge.  I do not know why they blew up the bridge.

  And then we went to Blagaj It was pretty cool because this is where the Whirling Dervishes are from. They pray by spinning around very fast.
 When we got to our apartment in Dubrovnik all of the beds were in the living room.!

 I want to say goodbye and I hope you enjoy the video!
Bizzy Belly

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Unknown said...

Have you been practising your dervish dance? I hope to see how well you do when I see you in August!

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