Monday, June 30, 2014

I don't want to talk about the boat

After we got off the boat, we took a long hike with our stupid backpacks.  We went to our cabin in iItaly at the campground.  First we picked up the car from stupid Hertz.  We had trouble getting the car from stupid Hertz because Mommy wanted to drive because Mommy does not like it when Daddy drives.  This is because one time in Mexico at Christmas time Daddy saw a guy riding a bike across the road in a poncho and big sombrero and the guy didn't exist.

So Daddy went to get the car from stupid Hertz worker (that's not his name but I don't know his name so that's what I am calling him) I plopped in the car because my backpack was killing me.  The first backpack in was Daddy's, then Mommy's, then Boo-boo's, then mine, then our daypacks full of toys, food and games and nooks.

We took the car to the campground.  I almost threw up on the way because it was making me dizzy and barfy.  I don't complain but my stomach gets barfy on windy roads.  That's why my face turned green on the pirate ship.

I took e nap before I got burpy and barfy.  My mommy and daddy woke me up and stopped at a gas station where mommy and daddy had a cup of joe and Bahboo had a coke and I had a lemon fanta.  Then we got back on the road.  And by the way dont stop at most gas stations unless you like squatting toilets.

Then we stopped at my only alive grandpa's father's town.  It was deserted because we got there at siesta time which is like nap time.  We tried to have a good place to have lunch because my family thought we would not get to the campground until past dinner time.
Mommy fixing the door of our cabin 

Then we got to the camp and after we got settled in (sort of, because we had lots of questions like: "Where were there beach bugs?"  and "Why were my parents' beds wet?") we got in our bathing suits, sat down on the porch and waited until the pool was open.
After I went to the pool, I made friends with Allie and people that speak different languages that were across from us.  Allie spoke perfect English so I could understand her a lot.  When some of the people asked me a question in their language, she could tell me what they were saying.  One of the boys said "Sai nuotare?" and Allie told me that he said "Do you know how to swim" so we said "Sí!"

We went to the beach, and to see "big cow thingies" that make mozzarella cheese.  We took a tour and we saw a guy braid cheese with one piece of cheese string.  Isn't that amazing?

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