Sunday, June 29, 2014


On the recommendations of our friends The Griffiths, we decided to try some "Eurocamping".  Essentially it's like an upscale KOA style camping trip.  Lacking camping gear - we chose what KOA would have called "Kamping Kabins" which were essentially tiny  concrete block structures featuring 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and kitchen.  It was too small to eat in - so the table was on the front porch.
Michelangelo contemplating his next move
Mommy losing chess to Bah-boo
Concilatory espressos after the match

After an initial trip up with a manky smell and wet mattresses (which they swapped out lickety split) It was lovely.   We spent a week with "Camping Villagio Paestum" as our home base for exploring the foot of Italy.  It was such a relaxing experience we even forwent Capri to simply sit at the beach and vegetate.

Bella and her Crimean friends learning bible stories
When we arrived, the camp was full of Ukrainian refugee children attending a church camp run by Ukrainian-Americans.  Apparently there are lots of Crimean Ukrainian's who fled to Southern Italy; enough that it got the attention of Ukranian Immigrants to the US who sponsored this camp.  Bella quickly made friends with some of the little girls (even though there was no common tongue).  Bella even went to CCD with them! 

Bella getting ready to conquer the poolThe "buttfloss" waterslide (so called because in order to go fast you had to pull your suit up into your butcrack exposing both cheeks)

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