Friday, June 13, 2014

Out of the country

Running up the plane to go to Croatia
I just took my grandma’s taxi to the airport with my sister and my mom.  At the airport, we went to a restaurant and had Japanese tea.  Then we got on the airplane, and we flew to Canada.
In Canada we had some cinnamon buns, then we took a bus to the airplane and flew to Germany.  It was my first time in Canada.  They speak English but say “eh” at the end of everything.  I am just fine with that.  I liked Canada.  I also had a root beer float.  In my mind Canada smells like cinnamon buns.
It was my first time in Germany and we didn’t do anything because we didn’t have time to eat or anything.  We ran to the train and bus to the plane.
Then we flew to Croatia.  Dad was waiting for us at the airport.  In Croatia it was hot and sprinkling and there was ice cream everywhere.  We bought groceries and went to our apartment which is way too small. We went to the apartment by walking.  At night everyone was awake and watched futbol which is soccer in America because Croatia was playing Brasil in the world cup.  We stayed up ‘till midnight but Croatia lost.
We watched the game by Jupiter’s Temple (aka Zeus’s Temple) which was inside the Emporers palace.  The palace was for the Cæser of Rome called Diocletian.  It was built by my Roman ancestors.
Now I have been to 3 new countries, making it 9.  USA, Turks & Caicos, Mexico, Jamaica, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany and Croatia.

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Unknown said...

So the question is, which plane has the best food?

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