Monday, June 23, 2014

Croatia Summary

In Croatia the buildings looked weird because they are all different shapes than I am used to.
The people talked in Croatian and I couldn't understand a word they said because I dont speak Croatian.  Their accents if they spoke English were funny.
At night it was a bumpy bed and noisy and there were more Croatain speaking people than English speaking people.  So we read a book and about their language and we tried saying some of their words and they didn't understand us. Like "Vala" means thank you.
The food sounded different and looked different.  It sounded bad but tasted good.  I know you will think that strange but it was what happened.  I ate lots of gelato (gelato is ice cream) and I liked the one flavour: strawberry, because they made it from fresh strawberries and all the gelato we had was home made.  A tuna pizza roll is also what we had and it was delicious.  I know it sounds gross but it was actually yummy.  What was crazy about Croatia was how the city was set up and how one block away from a gelato stand was another.
It was pretty at night because it was a full moon every night.  What was cray-cray in Croatia was how small where we were was.  It was so small that almost all the shops were squashed together, and the same thing at our first apartment it was squashed together with another.  My brother and my bed was set up was very crazy because my mom and dad could not get to the toilet at night without walking over our bed.
We also went to Booznia.  There were people whose spinned around in a circle praying with a  tassel on their hat going around really fast.
We also went to Montengro.  I forgot about Montenegro.

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