Friday, June 6, 2014


The Fastest Steam Train to ever run a route

My sabbatical has not yet started - but in some ways it sure feels like it.  You see, I am on the P4Traintrip (UK edition).  My non-Perforcian readers are probably wondering just what that is.  My company, Perforce (P4 for short) periodically hosts a 3 day long "Team Building" blow out party on the rails.  Our Founder, Christopher Seiwald, rents private rail cars and tag them on to the back of Amtrak and off we go.  The destination really does not matter; what does matter is that they are insanely fun, opulent, and effective for building relationships with your co-workers.  And there's an open bar.
Our overseas offices do not usually get a train trip - but they are welcome to come on ours if they either pay their own way to Alameda, or happen to be there for some real business reason.  The UK Office has had 2 train trips in the past - one at each 5 year anniversary of the founding of Perforce UK Ltd.  And this year marked the 15th.  And I happened to be in England at the time.  And other than Dave Robertson, who opened the office, I am likely the only one who had been to the first Perforce UK office (Dave's spare room)  whilst it was still Perforce UK.

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