Thursday, December 30, 1999

Around Sydney

These are photos from around Sydney

The mast of a Manly Ferry

Two views of the Opera House

More of the harbour

SaraGrace looking good as ever

The harbour bridge

Monday, December 27, 1999

Good morning...

We saw Bicentennial Man last night...very good-most of it anyway...funny and a good family movie...swung by daisy afterwards-she's ok...we parked her under a light in front of our old house...we will move her to the Vantive garage (David's spot) on NY day...much safer there

got back to the pub stay hotel around 11:30pm...up to our lovely room...we could definitely hear the music from the bistro directly below our room...they told us it would be a noisy room, but we just though it would be people and some music...not the "boom-boom-fuck-me music"

Let's put it this way...if we had a coin-operated vibrating bed, we would not need to waste the money on it, as we could feel the music as well!!! we danced a bit when we got to the room, opened the windows (seemed to make it a bit quieter) put the earplugs in-but could still feel the vibration of the music-just LOVELY!!! oh well, at least we have a place to stay...I must say, it was easier to sleep here than in that Israeli hotel in Ecuador!!! Thank God for ear plugs!

the showers are not much better than Bolivia-no water pressure, and just enough warm water to make it bearable!!! We are just one step closer to being on the road, so this is really enjoyable!!!

tonight we will go to the latest movie possible (9:30pm), come back and have a couple beers and try to stay up till does not stop till about 4am...OH JOY!!!

our neighbors next door had a crying baby (about 1 1/2yrs) last night, and said that the music stopped around 4:30am...funny, we did not hear the baby cry at all...:)

I think we will need a nap today as well!!!


it's 8pm and we are tucked into the Steyne Hotel...very nice, and cheaper than they told us (187/night incl. breakfast (about 118US)-originally told us $250/night)...can hear the neighbors next door w/a little kid (probably 2yrs-crys quite a bit)...huge room w/horrible couch that pulls out into a bed, a twin (nice and hard), round table 4 chairs, mini fridge (nothing in it but our food), mini tv, queen bed and 2 nightstands and another one w/mirror and an armouir...get this...the bathroom is a single unit-like one would put in a camper or trailer (an add on to the room) we have a small window looking out the ocean at the Information center (where the fireworks will go off at 9pm and 12am NYE) and another big window by the table and chairs...couldn't ask for anything more, given that everything is booked...will probably "party" here at the hotel, only $50/pp and get 2 drinks and finger food most of the night, and can always run up to pee in our room if stalls are packed...are also having a band-i think

Daisy is all packed up with shades drawn and parked out in front of our old place (should be safer there than in town) and our small car is parked where ever we can find a spot in town..all our shipping boxes in the van etc!

we were packing daisy yesterday and Mary our cleaning lady dropped by w/her partner..she was watering plants for the penthouse lady from the states...she told us to drop off keys at 10am and stay till we finished...finally had all packed by 11:30...went to auto store, parked and checked it...thank god she told us we could have till noon...

M finally got paid on all expenses that were outstanding, and we have about 6K more to fedex home...cant wait to get on the road...this place is not as nice as our condo up the street, but definitely better than a kick in the head!!! will see how noisy it is with the bistro underneath...

after checking in we went to that used book store next to beaches (pizza) and video store and sold about 15 of our $26 value and for $29 bought a Lonely Planet Indonesia...will need it...when we brought the box in and he said that he wasn't buying, but looked at our books and decided to buy-all recent and good books! luck is with us today!

are going to see Bicentennial Man at 9:15 tonight!

lots of luv,

ps, you started to tell me about Christmas and Gillian's and Cathy's barrettes...what happened?

Sunday, December 26, 1999

More Christmas Pictures

These photos were on our old website - but I have no clue which web pages referenced them; but here they are for your enjoyment anyways

Our little Santa

Present time for SGK

Present time for MRA

Christmas Week In Manly

Christmas week in Manly

22-Dec-1999 thru 26-Dec-1999

Our Christmas tree before all of the Presents

Our little Santa

Our tree with all of the presents

Two views of our presents

Christmas dinner... Yum!

Typical Christmas day activities in Manly

Michael on Christmas morning

SaraGrace on Christmas morning

Saturday, December 25, 1999

Merry Christmas!

Song is: Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives

A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives

Our "first" Christmas in Manly, Australia

Since we could not be with you all, we thought we would share our Christmas with you through pictures.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Our 1' short plastic tree

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Our Stockings

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Our inflatable Santa

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

SaraGrace blissfully awaiting Santa

The children were nestled all snug in their bed,
While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.

SaraGrace, in her excitement rips open her first gift!

SaraGrace shows her Christmas happiness

Christmas message from SaraGrace:

Merry Christmas!!!
We really missed being with you all this holiday!!! Hope you enjoyed the gifts that we sent home with mom. I sure wish I could see your smiling faces when you opened them!
We had the traditional Keenans Christmas Eve dinner-Shrimp Cocktail, Crackers and watched movies-sorry Dad they did not have our traditional "Better Off Dead"at the video store :(

Luv to you all!!!

Michael displays his Christmas happiness

Michael shows off his new hood

Christmas message from Michael:

Hi Guys!!!
We hope you all enjoy your presents, and we're sorry that we not there to see you open them (Although Dad cheated and already opened his!)
We had shrimp for dinner last night; and lobster tonight (I know Mom, it's not the crab you usually do, but it's close!)
Someone tell Chris that now that he has a computer he had better get email!


All of our presents!

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