Sunday, October 3, 1999

I Love Australia!

Michael and I really love Australia! The people are really friendly! 80% of the population reside on the east coast...there are more people living in the state of California, than all of Australia...and Australia is about the size of the US without Alaska and perhaps Hawaii (land wise) it's so amazing! They are definately a first world country, and have most conveniences from home, which makes it easy to live here! Yet some are living in the outback without electricity and running water...their kids go to school via a CB radio thing while they sit at home and converse with thier class...very interesting! Michael and I want to visit on of these "school of the air" when we go travelling...

We are living in Manly Beach, just a 30 minute ferry ride to Sydney!!! Michael is doing contract work for his old company Vantive, which was just purchased by a company called PeopleSoft. We will be here till Nov, Dec or Jan(exact date unknown/given the company buyout and sales deals) After his contract is up we will travel around Australia in our "new" van "Daisy"...a 1983, Toyota Litace...manual shift on the wheel (not on the floor-talk about a new experience..not to mention, that they drive on the left side of the road!!!) no a/c, but cute as a button, and bright obnoxious YELLOW, with 2 white daisys painted on the side!!! Bed in the back (actually an air mattress) We've been camping in it the last 2 weekends!

Me...I am a beach/Yoga lizzard!!! (when the sun permits) I'ts just spring here...been here since Aug 30th (Michael the week before)...I'm not working, but do have a workers permit-but there are no short term sales jobs...and I would have had to have been sponsored by a company here before moving...So, no I'm not working and it's quite odd, but have been also doing a lot of reading!...We are just 50 yds from the beach!!! 2 balconys, 2 bedrrom, 2 bath apt w/garage parking!!! View from both balconys!!! We are so Blessed (because Vantive is paying for our rent...a wopping$773.00US/WEEK)...YES, that's per WEEK!

I've been taking a meditative Yoga class once a week and a strenuous (I'm bright red after class) Yoga class twice a week (and boy my muscles are sore!) ,and am working on our travel book!

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