Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Central Dalmatian Cities

After picking up the car, we did some driving around to see some other towns and cities in central Dalmatia.  I am astounded at the freakish quantity of mind-blowingly fantastic architecture and historic districts in this country!

Renaissance band in Trogrir
The day we picked up the car, we stopped in this town since it was very close to the Airport (where the car pick up was).  Under Roman rule it was known as "Tragurium" and the historic city centre is on a teensy-tiny island between two peninsula's.  This UNESCO listed site is gorgeous - but it is also filled with ticky-tacky shops all alike.   When we arrived in Trogrir, the "Battle Of The Nations" was going on -  an SCA like tournament where grown men don real armour and beat the shit out of each other with blunt swords until someone yields.  The kids loved the Ren-Faire like atmosphere of the combatants tents and shops that were set up.

Bahboo at the sea wall in Zadar
Before we left home, we picked this city as a destination; but neither of us could remember why; and it's not in the guide book we brought.   Zadar is yet another walled city in central Dalmatia.  Unlike Trogrir, there appear to be things other in the town than just ticky-tacky shops.  It was a pleasant stroll on a nice day.

This town is close to Krka, and home to another World Heritage site; "Katedrala sv. Jakova" (Cathederal of St. James).  We drove all around the town and could not find this cathederal; so they hid it very well; but it was a good excuse to take local roads back to Split instead of the freeway.
Krka Fjord overlooking Skradin
The previous days journey to the Plitvice lakes had us wanting to swim in a waterfall; so we set out to visit Krka National Park.  It was rainy so we decided against swimming - but the town at the entrance to Krka is a beauty!  Very relaxing day on the fjiord.

Bahboo & Bella on the walls of Klis
Tvrđava Klis
This is a fantastic castle overlooking Split.  We drove by it several times on our way into and out of Split before finally stopong; and it was worth it.  Best views in and around Split.  It features prominently in HBO's "Game Of Thrones".  It is easy to see why Croatian scenery is used heavily throughout the TV show.

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