Friday, June 20, 2014


We took a quick jaunt down to Neighboring Montenegro's Bay of Kotor, which is a World Heritage site.
The trip involved a long drive around a Fjord dominated by Tito-era construction.  It became apparent that the Montenegrins are not as prosperous as the Croatians (but more so than the Bosnians). 
While the Fjord itself was beautiful - it was the town of Kotor itself that was the highlight of the trip.  The wall here rivals that at Ston.  
Besides how striking the city of Kotor was - I do not have much to say about Montenegro except that it's not cheap.  It is worth a day trip from Dubrovnik.
SGK Enjoying an Espresso in Perast on the bay of Kotor

Tall ship on The Bay Of Kotor

Mill site just outside the walls of Kotor.  Note that the wall continues up the mountain in the background.

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