Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP

One thing that the Paestum are is famous for - and was granted DO status for - is their Mozzarella cheese.
We spent a day visiting "Tenuta Vannulo", a buffalo farm (or "Tenuta") well respected in the region.  It's all organic and, like all Mozzarella from the DOP, hand made.  The buffalo are extremely pampered - they decide when to milk themselves!
We took a tour, ate some (awesome) yoghurt and gelato, and of coarse, bought some mozzarella for the evening meal.
We actually went twice - On the first day we enquired about tours - and booked one for the following morning.  €4,00 per person.  When we showed up; the guide told us that the price had doubled because a Tedesco group had hot shown up.  WTF?  Not my problem.  They sold me a tour for  €4,00.  Why should I pay double that because some asshat German tourists did not show ("Tedesco" is a derogatory Italian term meaning essentially "German Asshat"; a German is normally an "Alemagni")

In the end the "Tedesci" did show - and it turns out that they were not German at all - but Americans living in Germany and therefore American Asshats. (although they did turn out to be OK people)

The tour was really cool - we got to see robotic self serve milking machines, a buffalo with afterbirth, and the process of hand "cutting" the Mozzarella.

I would recommend the tour - but insist on a fixed price so that if some asshat (German, American, or otherwise) does not show that your price is set.

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