Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Camping In Italy

After Montengro we came back to Dubrovnik and walked around the city walls and went to a lot of museums.  The museums were long and beautiful.  I saw paintings, treasures, gold, jewels, diamonds, sculptures and that's it. We went back to pack our stuff. 
The next day we went on a picnic at an old fort on a mountain.  We got there by a cable car.  Then we went swimming at the castle.
That night we went on a boat and slept there for 24 hours.  The boat inside looks old, new and like an airport.  There were 2 bunk beds.  I slept on top.  Mom slept on the bottom.  Isabella slept on the top and Dad slept on the bottom.  The room was small.  When someone was trying to go up the stairs on the boat they would pass out because it was so long.
We got to Italy and got a car and drove to pop’s dad’s place.  The drive was so long.  Pops dad’s place had many churches many houses and many buildings.  My ancestors were from there.

We came to the camping place.  Inside it looks so tiny and old that only a dwarf could make it.  We organized some stuff and put away our clothes and played chess.  Our neighbors are from Russia and they pray a lot and go to different churches.

We went swimming and went down a waterslide.  We went to a farm that makes milk, ice cream gelato, and cheese.  At the farm there are buffaloes.  They were on a factory and a farm.  The girl buffaloes wait in a line to get massaged and milked.   

Tonight we are going to see the ruins.  They are Greek and Roman and old.  It is called Pæstum.

I am reading the Hobbit and I like it.


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