Sunday, September 26, 1999

Camping With Alice and Andy

We attempted to camp this weekend w/Daisy (our new Van) and Alice and Andy (from England and slept in the Tent)...
picked M up from work around 2pm to avoid all the traffic. Got to the campsite in the Blue Mtns and noticed, all of the "sudden" a flat tire...
We changed it and set up camp and our tarp just in time before the downpour!!! and shortly after the 5 minute Hail Storm...
proceeded to drink ourselves silly and cooked up some steaks!
Luckily the tent was waterproof...
Sat turned out to be a very nice day-so we just lounged around at the campsite and hit the beds early-to be awoken by the torrential downpour at 3:30am...
tent still not leaking, but our air mattress in the van was leaking miserably (had to pump it up twice during the night)
By 8:30am we had all had it and packed up the van and headed home! We did have a Great Time w/fantastic company, and it gave us a good idea as to what Daisy could do!!!
And they said it never rained in Australia??? :)


Sunday, September 19, 1999

Greetings From Manly New South Wales!

Hi Everyone,

When I last left you, SGK and I were on our way to Oz to take a job with my old company on a trial basis for 3 months. If I liked it, then we would stay. Well, it almost didn't last the first two weeks. You see, my company failed to pay me (Well, they did; a WHOLE $0.01US) so I almost resigned, but was talked out of it by getting a cheque cut. While there are still some pay issues to be resolved, I'm here to at least December.

We have an OUTSTANDING apartment on Manly beach, and are just coming into springtime down here. We havn't seen much of the country, as I have been working, but we will.

The 49er's Beware as SaraGrace has a new team...
...The Cronulla Sharks!

That's right, SaraGrace is now addicted to watching Rugby League. She is so into it, that she even critisises the coaching! In honour of her new passion, we are planning to go to the NRL championship game next week in Sydney. Now if only I could get her interested in Rugby Union...

For those of you we met way back in Mexico - Alice and Andy are due in next week; our first visitors! Just in time too, as all of that weight I lost in Latin America is creeping back beneath the belt.

Cheers for now!

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Travels with SG: California to Australia

Hello everyone!!!

I know it's been a while since my last email...which was when??? We came back to CA in July for Tom and Kristin's fabulous wedding, then we hit the trail to NY, where we spent some time w/Michael's relatives on Long Island, a week in NYC w/my old college buddies Chris and MariAnn (tell Chris to get email, MariAnn!), saw my cousin Cindy for lunch, got to finally see Les Miz (after 9 years) then, we hopped on a plane to Paris for 2 days, Brussels and Bruges then off to see the Queen (UGGG!!!) in London for a week, which was fabulous!!!
We had the best weather in the history of summers in London!!! We also hooked-up with our old friends Claire and Dave and their daughters Holly and Eve, for some fantastic Indian Cuisine...(they used to live in 1/2 Moon Bay)...
Then flew back home in time for Moms 60th b-day (Aug 17th)...and hopped on a plane to Sydney Saturday Aug. 28th, arrived on the 30th and was met at the plane by Michael and Max our Aussie-S. African friend that we traveled with in Bolivia! are wondering why we are in Australia, instead of S. Africa??? Michaels old job made us an offer that we just could not refuse...He is back working for Vantive for the next 3 months, helping out the Australian Office, and we'll see where it takes us...

We are "shacked-up" in Manly Beach, just North of Sydney, a lovely beach community that reminds one of Santa Cruz, California, but without the "crunchies"...those who live or have lived there, you KNOW what I mean!!! Walking distance to everything! For those who want to visit within the next 3 months you are welcome as we are not even 1/2 block from the beach. We have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies (yes, I can watch the surfers from our balconies, and all the great waves-Andy, Chris, John, and Chad)
We are definitely hooked up!!! It's about 75F today and the surf is fantastic!!! The sand is like powder...very light tan and at night looks golden brown!

What am I doing??? Absolutely everything, and Absolutely nothing!!! Roller-blading, hiking, relaxing and keeping "house" Not going to look for a job, unless we stay w/Vantive longer than 3 months...So, those that want to play, come for a visit!!!

All for now, write and let me know what you all are doing!


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