Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Greenest Face

Me driving the pirate ship
Raining on a pirate ship
Me and my family went on a ship.  Never listen to the weather report in Croatia because the weather report in Croatia said it would be sunny but it was raining.  I was looking forward to going on the pirate ship.  We got on the ship, and one minute I was not barfing and the next minute I was barfing.  My face turned green.  I had to get soaking wet by standing outside to see the horizon to soothe my aching tummy.
We got off the ship on an island while it was still pouring! I got soaked again when we went to the rocky beach and at the rocky beach we found a dog.  There was a sign that had a picture of a dog.  The dog was friendly and liked playing with rocks and sticks and going in the water.  The water was freezing.
Then it was time to go back on the pirate ship.  We kept on woozing and woozing but I still did not barf.  We got to the middle of the sea, the captain said “Time to jump in for a dip” so we did.  My dad jumped from the top of the pirate ship on the bridge into the water below.  The splash was 50’ high!  My mom jumped in before him.  She made a 6’ splash.
It was fun and freezing fun.  

I will get you back on the next blog post!


The splashiest day of my life
The doggiest of my life 


Michelangelo said...

Bella needs some encouragement. Please leave her a comment

Liquidflavor said...

it is me giuliana i read your post bella . I miss you. have fun.

Julie said...

What a sport - way to go Bella!
I hope your feeling better.

Unknown said...

Hi Bella. I'm a friend of your Dad's.

My family and I are enjoying reading about your trip.

I hope you got to talk like a pirate while you were on the ship.

I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

Unknown said...

HI Guiliana!
Its me bella!I miss you to! I was thinking we could have a play dat after summer brace tell me when your available!


Unknown said...

Bella, when I head this I had to laugh. Especially that you made my hair green at Halloween.

I like that fact that when Daddy jumped in the splash was so massive. I bet you didn't make much of a splash though!

Glad to hear you're all having fun!


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