Friday, June 20, 2014

Moving, Move out

We saw Angelo's pirate ship and we sailed to new places and it sprinkled then rained then was pouring.  It was so pouring that everyone got seasick and my sister was turning green and throwing up.  I did not get seasick because I was reading my books in the "I Survived" series.  It was so pouring that the boat tipped over and over and over.  When we stopped, everyone got off and they were wondering what they could do.  We went to a restaurant and me and my sister split a coke.  Then when we were done, we went to a beach, where we saw a dog.  The dog loved to play with rocks and sticks a lot.  Then we got back on the ship and we all got soaked, but luckily we had lunch on the ship and we all got a little dry.  When it stopped raining we sailed and then stopped at a part of an island. The Captain stopped to get a coffee break.  When it was time to go we got back on the mainland and we all got back home.

At the next day we went to go on a hike in a big park.  First we had to drive, second we had a bus take us up,  third the bus stopped an we began to hike and cross bridges, streams and lakes.  We even saw a waterfall going down a little rabbit hole next to a tree.  Then a bunch of other people came.  It was so crowded that we could only take little steps.  The waterfalls were amazing.  First there was a river then a waterfall then a river then a waterfall again and again and again.  We walked on a bridge on top of the waterfalls while the trees in the rivers began to disintegrate.  The lakes were called Plitvice Lakes and are a world heritage site.

The baptismal in Jupiter's
The next day was regular but we got a tour guide.  He showed us the statue of the famous author "Marko Marulić".  At noon everybody goes to see the emperor in person and when the emperor comes everyone shouts a bunch of words (Avé!)  and he gives the thumbs up or thumbs down or even a thumbs in the middle.  Later on we just walked and walked and walked and I was wondering what we were going to do next.

The next day we decided to move because our apartment was so small that only a dwarf or an elf could live in there.  We drove and we drove and we drove to Bosnia.  In Bosnia there are many amazing sites.  A big bridge that a person jumped 12' or more.  The people here go to very different churches and do different prayers by putting their heads down on the floor.
They made metal plates from the shells fired at the bridge from the war in the 1990s which turned them into art.

When we arrived at our new apartment we took all of our stuff and someone was waiting for us there.  It was amazing. There is a bed next to another bed, a flat screen TV and also the doors were a little confusing actually they turn into windows.  We started to unpack and we went to the grocery store to get cereal and milk.  Theres some weird cereal called Lino.  The front of the cereal box looks like a bear on "Sesame Street".

Today we went to a different castle on top of a mountain.  There was a big giant castle with a wall on a mountain.  It was in Montenegro.

I got to go to 2 new countries; Bosnia and Montenegro.


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Hey Michelangelo, do you think that concentrating on your book saved you from sea sickness? Or are you just tougher? :-)

what were the Lino like? Did you try them...

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