Thursday, February 10, 2000

Our Trip to Broome

06-Feb-00 thru 10-Feb-00

Broome is the pearling capitol of Australia, and gateway to the region known as "The Kimberly"

On the deserted road to Broome Disaster struck! (it's a lot more than the tire...)

Sunrise at our campsite

Our eclectic guide at the pearl farm - The thing at his feet is what they raise the pearls in

A cultured pearl and a keshi pearl found in an oyster harvested for our tour

The seeding process where a piece of foreign matter is added to the living oyster

Many different sizes of Oyster shells

The bus got stuck on the way back!

Fun shot of a hard hat dive suit

One of the old ships that they used to dive for pearls from

Now it's only a nest for birdies (see them getting fed on the second one?)

The actual suits used by divers up until very recently (They had to climb in through the neck hole)

Statue commemorating these brave (or stupid) hard hat divers

Tide pool life out at the point

Interesting rock formations out at the point

These rocks had an interesting texture

Casting of the prints.
There was a sign here:

"Thirty metres out to sea are dinosaur footprints which have been authenticated by experts as those of the carnivorous species of dinosaur (estimated height three metres) which lived in the cretaceous age, approximately 130 million years ago. These tracks can only be seen at very low tide."

And the actual prints

And kangaroo prints

A tree that SGK liked

Notice the blood red sand at cable beach

A boab tree

Sign reads: Caution Pit
Sign outside the toilet

So Dave - what's this one worth then?

What type of creature does this????

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Anonymous said...

please do not refer to myself or my brethren as "stupid" hardhat divers.take a look at the USN diving manual and decompression tables, our "bible" so to speak. then place judgment.

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