Monday, February 14, 2000

The Ord River

12-Feb-00 thru 14-Feb-00

The Ord river is better described as an Arroyo or Wadi - That is it rarely ever has any water in it - just at times of extreme flood. It is situated near the entrance to the Bungle-Bungle National Park in the North East Corner of WA

Sign reads: Darwin 1709k, Katherine 1395k, Kununurra 884k, Wyndham 895k, Turkey Creek 688k, Halls Creek 525k, Fitzroy Crossing 230k, Derby 56k
Sign reads: Perth 2240k, Exmouth 1502k, Karratha 934k, Port Hedland 710k, Pardoo 555k, Sandfire 417k, Broome 166k, Roebuck 132k
First to set the stage - We are truly in the middle of nowhere...

Nothing here but boab trees,

Wedgetail eagles,

The occasional Aboriginal tribe,

Sign Says: Beware and has a picture of a cow turning over a car
And some really MEAN cows.

In other words - The OUTBACK.

Sign says: Road subject to flash floods
This is IMPORTANT reading

As most river crossings look like this during the Wet season...

We wanted to go swimming in Crocodile-free Mary Pool, but the road was flooded, so we pushed on...

Till the main road got to P. Creek

Only 4x4's were able to make it across

So, we sat a spell...

Until SGK was brave enough to give it a go (200cm deep)

Sign says: Ord River
Then we came to the Mighty Ord

Sign says: No overtaking or passing
Which on Day 1 was 1200cm deep...

And on Day 2 it receded to 600cm in depth...

Which was shallow enough for the road trains to cross...

So when on Day 3 it was still at 400cm we paid these guys $50.00AU to take us across

Hi Andrew and Hazel!

This is Cheryl. She's 4, and wanted to tell me that she went potty.

Yes Mac, Greg and Nicole; I'm still giving out Balloons!

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