Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Our Drive to Darwin

15-Feb-00 thru 16-Feb-00

The drive from the Ord River in Western Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory is about 1000Km

We had a relaxing ride throughout the fantastic scenery

The sun set as expected

After dark, we had lightning!

The sign behind SGK says: Welcome to Katherine School Of The Air Worlds Largest Classroom No Tour Today

At Katherine we stopped to see the famous "School of the air" where they teach outback children via the radio

Sign reads: Historic Adelaide River Pub Home of Charlie the buffalo (Crocodile Dundee) Famous Barra & Chips Beer Garden

Silly tourist attraction

Sign reads: Anothe [sic] Quick Erection by Nolan Niche Products and Services Adelaide River PH. 89767162
Even Sillier sign

The only train left from the Great Northern railway

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