Saturday, February 5, 2000

The Drive to 80 Mile Beach

04-Feb-00 to 05-Feb-00

80 Mile beach is on the north Coast of Western Australia, and our last stop before Broome and The Kimberly.

Freak storm clouds on our way to Karinji National Park

This is Dale's Gorge in Karinji National Park. We meant to stay here, but as it was about to rain, flash flood warnings would have prevented us from entering the gorges

Round Pool in the bottom of Dale gorge

This venomous bugger just didn't want to be photographed!

A small road train; just 66 wheels = some have up to 126 with 6 trailers (so we've heard; we haven't seen any that big yet)

What looks like snow on this butte is actually salt

The main road

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