Sunday, February 27, 2000

Our Trip To The Back of Bourke

23-Feb-00 thru 27-Feb-00

"The Back of Bourke" is an Aussie expression meaning "The middle of nowhere" - We found out that there really is a town named Bourke - and it is in the middle of nowhere. These pictures are from an area of Australia out past Bourke... (literally - we took them on the drive from Coober Pedy South Australia to Bourke New South Wales )

SGK enjoying the drive (ask her why she was wearing 2 pairs of glasses)


But Daisy's shadow...

Sign reads: Warning! Animals on road [some oriental characters] Tiere am weg
And farm animals - What language is that last one???

Sign reads: Welcome to Glendambo Elevation 150m Population Sheep 22,500 Flies 2,000,000 Humans 30
The biggest town out here (and they under estimated the flies)

A flower and birds from a pee stop

A dry salt lake that has water in it for the third time in 200 years

A "Noodle" mound from outside of Coober Pedy (noodling is the practice of going through mine tailings looking for Opals that the miner missed)

Underground hotel in Coober Pedy where we spent the night (it's so hot here that every building is underground - in payed out mines)

Home of the former Prince of Latvia (no shit) named "Crocodile Harry"

It's a really surreal place...

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdomewas filmed here

A sign here proclaimed:

Giant Red Gum
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Circumference 10.89m at 0.61m above ground>
Age - estimated in excess of 500 years

A plane from the Royal Flying Doctors in Broken hill - Most outback citizens rely upon them for primary medical care

Daisy at the end of the trail

With her new owners!

We say goodbye to her! (sniff) :-(

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