Sunday, January 23, 2000

The Indian Pacific Railway

The Indian Pacific Railway

21-Jan-00 thru 23-Jan-00

The Indian Pacific is one of the world's great train journeys; it goes from Sydney on the Pacific ocean to Perth on the Indian Ocean, including the worlds longest stretch of straight railway line. We boarded it in Adelaide (with Daisy!)

The car where we were destined to spend the next 40 hours...

Sign on Box says: If youre [sic] crook come to cook
We stopped for over an hour at Cook, SA population: 3

sign on wall says: Historical gaol cells in Cook
The Cook Gaol... Imagine being locked up in here during 50°c heat!

Endless tracks across the Nullarbor

1/3 of the population in Cook taking the dog out for a jaunt

Daisy on the train!

Sleeping on the train

New friends Matt and Mel from Devon

What Southern railways did to poor Daisy!
(Don't worry -It's getting welded back on)

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