Thursday, January 27, 2000


24-Jan-00 thru 27-Jan-00

Perth, on the West Coast of Australia, is the world most isolated city. In other words, the closest city of it's size is further from Perth than anywhere else in the world. It is separated from the rest of Australia's population by the great Nullarbor Plain - some 2700km of nothingness

Perth's Skyline

Anjillo welding Daisy's Bull-bar back together (A bit of a coincidence - Anjillo was born in a small village near Salerno - not more than 20Kms from where my Great Grandfather Francesco Soma was born) - and the finished product on the right. See no one had to worry; We fixed Daisy!!!! (Now only if we can get the Great Southern Railway to pay for it...)

SGK and MRA getting ready for a cruise up the Swan River to visit the Winery's

Perth's Skyline from the riverboat

MRA and SGK starting in on the wine before we get very far up river!

The grapes of The Swan River Valley (Merlot and Chardonnay)

The Cellars of Sandleford - Our first tasting stop

SGK in Fremantle - Perth's Port

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