Sunday, January 30, 2000

The Pinnacles Desert

29-Jan-00 thru 30-Jan-00

The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia is a weird landscape of limestone monoliths - the remnants of a dinosaur era karst.

This is the road into Cervantes - the town closest to the Pinnacles Desert (Cathy, fluffy clouds will always remind us of you. Thanks again for the tapes!)

These amazing flowers grew by the side of the road

Our first stop after a LONG day of driving in ±100ºf heat was of course the beach. Where Daisy felt inadequate in the size department...

Note how the sand is so white it looks like snow!

There was more than one pretty flower at the beach...

Sunset at the caravan park where we stayed in Cervantes.

Look Christina; MOON! The guy at the campervan park suggested that we see the Pinnacles at dawn, so this is what the sky looked like SGK woke MRA up.

It turned out that we were so early, that we had to use Daisy's headlights to catch a glimpse of the rocks

But the big moment slowly arrived (first photo 05:46)

SGK waiting for the sunrise (Yes Helen, we meant it to be dark - no flash on purpose!)

And the sun finally peaks! (05:49)

The shadows were really dramatic...

No comment...

On the way out of the park, the wildlife really showed itself (SGK counted over 30 Grey Kangaroos!)

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