Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Still In Oz

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

It's been quite a long time since my last groupie email (since first moving to Manly, in September)...and those who are on Michael's email distribution list, I will try and keep this SHORT!!!
We've been having a ball!!!
Let's see...
Michael was made redundent when PeopleSoft purchased Vantive in December, so we did the "logical" thing and shipped home our belongings and loaded "the necessities" in Daisy (our 1983 Toyota LiteAce Van) and headed up to Queensland to register the van...back to Sydney (New South Wales) for an exit interview, did a huge roadtrip down the coast through the capital of OZ (ACT), on to Victoria and the Great Ocean Road, over to Southern Australia, caught the Indian Pacific Train in Adelaide (loaded Daisy on too!)...man that Nullarbor is really flat...
full of nothingness!!! and arrived in lovely HOT Perth (Western Australia on Sunday!!!)

Still having a ball!!!

Yesterday, we got the BullBar fixed on Daisy (a bullbar is a huge metal thingy that "protects" the front of the van, in the "slight" chance of slamming into a Kangaroo or some other Australian animal - a MUST if travelling in the bush!!!) Lucky for us we still have a van after the Australian Rail Road Guys did not do a proper job securing her to the train bed!
Then we did some necessary shopping at the "largest" mall in the Southern Hemisphere - very nice - but really can't compare to the CA malls...

Today we did a fabulous River Boat Wine Cruise up the Swan River - A MUST!!! had lunch at a lovely winery and back to Perth...

Next Stop - Freemantle (south of Perth), Rottsnest Island, then we will drive North up the coast!

Hope all is well with you!!! And if you get the inkling to join us, drop us a line! Or just drop a line anyway!!!


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