Saturday, January 29, 2000

Travels with SG: On Rottsnest Island

We just got back from Rottsnest (just of the coast of Perth and Fremantle)...just lovely!!! The island is about 11 x 4 kms!!!
We stayed in an old Army Barracks that has been converted to an old Hostel...when you walked on the grounds, it made you feel like a drill sergeant would wake you up at 6am w/the old trumpet for roll call and push-ups!
There was a free bus to all the habitations, and another bus that you could catch that took you around the perimeter of the island for $5 (on/off privileges for the day)...very nice way to see the whole island, and w/a bit of commentary about the island and the small coves to swim/snorkel and surf...We did the $5/bus on thurs...
The water was beautiful - blue/green and clear, but quite a bit cooler that Hawaii, and not as many fish (and NO JELLY'S) - I thought it would be warmer being the Indian ocean!
Last night there was a free "ghost night" in the town square that told "stories" of the island - more for the kids but was great fun! They had everyone walk to the jail and told a couple stories and then to the cemetery...what a great time!
We also rented bikes on thurs afternoon to have for fri am...and biked around the majority of the island...very hot sun, and had to pack all our h20 because you can only get water in the main town, that they call "settlement"
Got back to Fremantle and our hostel about 5:30pm and crashed ..Very hot here now!
When I come back to Australia, I would definitely come back to Perth, and most definitely Rottsnest Island (for at least a week on the island!) is a perfect island for families w/kids!
Tomorrow we pick up our registration that David mailed to us at the am/ex office in Perth and will go up and see the Pillars (sand I think) and then on to Monkey Mia where the dolphins come in to see swimmers!


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