Saturday, August 26, 2000

Cham Towers


The Kingdom of Champa was a Hindu Kingdom contemporary with Angkor, located in central Vietnam. These ruins are on the roadside of the only north-south highway.
A gravestone like sign here read (in poor English):
The historical prestige of the artistic architectural and sculptural work of the Poklongarai towers
The Poklongarai towers were built at about the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century. Here is the place of worship King Poklongarai 1151-1205. The King had done a lot of good deeds for the Cham people especially in the construction of the local irrigation system.
The Poklongarai group includes three towers. The Gate Tower 5.10m long. The Fire Tower 8.18m long. The Main Tower 8m long. This ruin has been classified as an historical monument by the ministry of culture.

Through the trees :  (Vietnam, The Travel Addicts)

Through the trees

Entrance :  (Vietnam, The Travel Addicts)


Classic Hindu architecture :  (Vietnam, The Travel Addicts)

Classic Hindu architecture

Sanscrit inscription :  (Vietnam, The Travel Addicts)

Sanscrit inscription

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