Thursday, March 2, 2000

The Taronga Zoo

29-Feb-00 thru 02-Mar-00

The Taronga zoo is Australia's premier Zoo, and home to Kibabu, a fantastic silver-back lowland gorilla as well as the best views in Sydney

The flora and fauna from our hotel's porch

Two shots from Sega world; The Olympic mascots on the left and me posing before a fountain on the right

The view from the Taronga Zoo 's bird stage

The Giraffes - and their view (think how it must look from thier height).

The only child I have met so far that DIDN't want a balloon...

Flower by the Sun Bear enclosure

Sign says: Disposal unit for diabetic use
Andy in the Men's Room, showing how caring the Aussie's are for diabetics

A duck that had wandered into the Gorilla enclosure

Kibabu (all 220 Kilos of him)

SaraGrace and Andy watching the Gorilla's

Kibabu eating his lunch

Some shots of Kibabu guarding his lunch

This young "lady"...

Thought she could steal some of Kibabu's lunch...

Provoking him into a rage!

A sailboat from the ferry ride home.

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