Thursday, March 23, 2000


19-Mar-00 thru 23-Mar-00

Auckland is New Zealand's largest city - over 1/2 the population live here.

A spider in Brisbane, QLD
Our last sight in Queensland before heading to New Zealand was this big fella

Greg Moon running
Greg, One of our Kiwi Friends that we met on the Inca Trail hamming it up for the camera

Greg Moon spitting Copenhagen chewing tobacco into a bottle while SaraGrace watches
Greg trying chewing tobacco for the first time - What a sport!

purple flower
Flower from Greg and Nicole's back deck

greg doing the dishes
To show Nicole that Greg really was doing the housework...

The Northcote Tavern
...And not down at the local Pub.

Nicole Moon
Nicole about to pop any minute now...

Auckland Sky Tower
The Auckland Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in the Southern hemisphere - and it's in the Skycity casino!

glass floor in Auckland Sky Tower
OOOOH! That's a long way down!

Sky Tower panorama
180ยบ view from the top of the tower

bungy crane
The crane that Eric and I Bungy jumped off of 10 years ago - So does that bring back memories Mr. Nelson?

Auckland Skyline
No, this is not a photo of some random motorist - he snuck in while I was taking a photo of the Auckland skyline

A chocolate coated Easter Potato
A chocolate coated Easter Potato - Uniquely Kiwi...

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