Sunday, April 2, 2000

A day at the Agrodome


The Agrodome is an exhibition centre for New Zealand Animal husbandry - and the best value tour we had been on. We even went to check out the Zorbing - but didn't do it in the end.

This is either a Bob Marly worshiping sheep or he's from Fiji

Sheep shearing in action

They asked Helen to give a milking demonstration - on stage.

The different breeds

Me and the sheep

To keep SGK from getting jealous we let her pose with the sheep too.

Sheep dogs in action

Fallow deer are a popular animal on Kiwi farms - for the Venison

No - we are not back in Bolivia; Many Kiwi farmers have taken to raising alpacas for their finer wool

Helen feeding an Emu - raised for it's meat and the oily fat under it's skin

And they raise Kiwi's here too...

Where's my Winchester '94 when I need it???

Charlie is a European Red Deer - raised primarily for the velvet on their horns

SGK riding the bull!

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