Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Travels with SG: Santiago

Hello Selected Group,
We are in Santiago, Chile...and as usual, we arrived on a Holiday (yesterday was St. Peter and St. Pauls day, and nothing open except the mall, were we had some yummy :( fast food)...for some strange reason, we usually arrive into new citied on a holiday or a sunday when everything is closed...but no matter, had a great day strolling the city without the crowds!!! Chile is wonderful!!! Very much like home, but with at home prices...A fantastic metro system, great food, nice friendly people, and a very nice and clean city! Today we dropped our laundry off...can you say stinky sock???? Socks that have not been washed in God knows how long??? I actually purchased 2 pair of undies a couple days ago, because we were hurting for a laundromat...After throwing our smelly laundry at the woman...we took the metro to Lacsa Airlines and purchased our tickets to Miami (OUCH!!! $543.20 way...)
Today we will research the SKI scene and tours into the wine country... ...we leave Chile on Monday the 5th and get into Miami late that same evening!!! Most likely we will spend the 6th on the beach...Will be home on the 7th...MRA into Oakland, and me into San Jose!!!
all for now, luv, SG

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