Sunday, June 20, 1999

Travels with SG: Bolivia

Hi Girls!!!

While my parents are in hot, sweaty, MA, having lobster, shrimp and scallops, at my cousins wedding...
Michael and I are freezing our asses off Potosi, Bolivia!
So Cold, the pipes froze last night! Like I said, we are in FREEZING cold Potosi, Bolivia-elevation 4200meters...after a 3hour ride from La Paz to Oruro, yesterday, where we excellent bbq, I must say that it had to be one of the best meals that we have had in Bolivia...
We hung out from 12noon in Oruro, (we had to decide were we were off to next...something one would never consider doing in the US) and decided on Potosi to see the silver mines...we hung out till our bus left at 8pm...
our bus from Oruro to Potosi took 8 ½ hours, and should have taken at least 10!!! Our driver was really good...but the roads were for shit!!!
The roads in Bolivia are much worse that CR, if you can believe it...most are dirt with major sleep on the bus...We got to Potosi at 4:30am and had the pleasure of finding a hotel, and a nice someone to let us into their hotel, in the freezing cold! We are in a very nice hotel (10$), but no heat.
I don't think anyone has heat in S. America! However, we do have beautiful hardwood floors which don't help the heat factor!
Electric showers again...M took one this am and froze his butt off...I'm not going to shower till we get somewhere that is HOT, which won't be till CA, as we are heading south to Chile to do some skiing :) and hopefully some wine tasting!
I'm on strike, it's way too cold to shower without a hairdryer!!! I am currently wearing my long-johns, wool socks, long sleeve shirt, wool sweater, REI windproof vest, jacket, scarf, gloves, and wool matter, it is still F'ing COLD!!!
Today we are going to the Silver mines...we get to get dressed up in 'outfits' to keep our clothes clean, and wear little helmets with lights on them!!
YIPEE!!!...M is really looking forward to, I have a touch of bronchitis and started the antibiotics last night...hope they don’t take us too deep into the mine, I don't think I will care for it, but we'll see...

Tomorrow we hop on a bus at 11am to Uyuni (anywhere from 4 1/2 to 6 hours...shit, why don’t they just throw a dart a board to guestimate???) There, we will investigate tours to the salt flats (3-4 day jeep tours...still in the frigging cold!), then down to Chile

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