Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sushi & Minecraft

We just got an apartment. We are on the second floor which is really high above.  If you count how many floors we are realy on it's 6 or 5.  The apartment is good.  There is a big bath tub, a flat screen tv, a washing machine, and a bed that turns into a couch.  The apartment was actually a big house but now they have turned it into apartments.  There is a wooden elevator that I really like and it can go up to many floors as it goes.  The guy says that the house is more than 100 years old.
We went to a comic book store and I was actually looking to buy legos but there were none because it was a comic book store.  We also went to a game store and also I bought nothing.   I was still looking for leggos.  Isabella bought Furygirl.
We walked 24,532 steps in one day.  We went on a train ride for dinner but they were closed, so we took a train back.

I spray painted a guys door, but he allowed us.  It was a metal door. I stayed up past midnight eating sushi and talking to my dad about minecraft.
 Today we are in the apartment and we are away and I am doing this blog.  We will going to a church, but tomorrow and the next day we are going to different churches. 
We are seeing about 100 churches a day. 

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