Sunday, May 18, 2014

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

While I am still waiting for this summer's big trip; I'm still in South America without the family.  Here I sit at Resturant Don Pedro in Colonia, sipping a café doublé and writing this blog.
I don't know if Uruguay just moves at a slower pace than Argentina; or if it's just that compared to Buenas Aires the whole continent moves at a slower pace; but this little town is sleeeeeeeepy.
I took the ferry over at O'dark-thirty and now am spending the Sunday relaxing in this world heritage site.

Quite enjoying the day off, and antipidol autumnal sunshine in this pretty place. I may have to go to the beach later :-)
Yacht racing on the Rio Plata

Local beers only come in 1L bottles

Local Parrilla

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