Saturday, June 24, 2000

Bye-Bye Indonesia!

17-Jun-2000 thru 24-Jun-2000

Final photos of our Indonesian Odyssey Plus as an added bonus a couple of Jason's photos from the Team Justin Trip

Location: Pelni terminal, Ende Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts, Flores)

Crowd boarding the Pelni Boat

Bintang poster.   (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts, Bali)

The Bintang girl

Pigeons in cages behind a restaurant (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts)

Pigeons destined for lunch

Tin nailed to wall/ceiling featuring an elephant sitting on a crescent moon (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts)

MOON!!!! elephants elephantselephnts

Location: Moni Flores, East Nussa Tenggara, Indonesia (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts, Flores)

Herr Kapitan Karl of Pelni

Indonesian children all lined up in their school uniforms.  .  Location: Suumba School, Tambolaka Flores, East Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts, Flores)

Suumba schoolchildren in Tambolaka

fighting cocks in wicker cages.  Location:Bali,Indonesia (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts)

Fighting Cocks

Green Santa Claus pull-puppet (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts)

A Toy I bought

 (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts)
 (Indonesia, The Travel Addicts)

Feline Groucho Marx

Location: McDonalds, Changji Airport, Singapore (Singapore, The Travel Addicts)

Smallest Micky D's in the world

Photos from Jason

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