Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Travels with SG: France to England via Belgium

Hello all!!!

After spending a ton of $$$ in Paris-only here 2 days-bidet and sink in the room, toilet down the hall (odd???)...sweltering heat, no fan or a/c, we headed to Belgium...
...and spent two fun filled days eating our hearts out on some of the most amazing food in Brussels-2 days... Amazing chocolate, wonderful beer!!!

Can a person gain 20lbs in 2days???

The beer is wonderful-especially the wheat beer, which they call white beer...Brian and Betsy, you would love it!!! Then we headed to Bruges, stayed in a lovely hostel...here they had a sink and shower in the room, and toilet down the hall...again, very odd, but who's complaining???...However, we were woken up every 10 minutes to the heavy doors slamming, and the music from the bar next door...I finally fell asleep at 5:30am...

...We are now visiting the Queen, in London!!! Staying in a very nice, clean, quite hostel called Hyde Park Hostel on Inverness at Hyde park!!!
Just got here yesterday and are playing it by ear, before heading to Australia for 2-5 months!!!

Tea Time,

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