Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Greetings from San Francisco!

When you last heard from me I was about to board a series of 7 airplanes to take me to Tom's Bachelor Party in Vegas;

Well, now that the wedding is over, It's time for a little recap;

We spent over a month in my favorite country, Drinkin' Pacificos and eating Tacos. Mexico is still wonderful! (bet getting pricier!). Hello to the Creel crew, Anya and her mom, Ed Weiss, Nick and Abby

Diving the Blue hole! Getting shipwrecked! Drinking Belikans with the Rastas. Very pricey.
Hello again Nick and Abi.

Mayans in front of us, Mayan Ruins behind us, Mayan artwork surrounding us! Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee! Three weeks of Gallo Beer and Spanish School. Coulourful clothing, Jungle and Quetzals. Very Cheap. Hello Thomas and Nils!
The PAINTED ruins of Copan! Salva Vida Beer. Hurricane Mitch removing the roads. EXTREMELY CHEAP very friendly people.

El Salvador!
The bloody hemorrhoid on the Anus of Latin America. Kidnapping capitol of the world. Imperial Beer.

Ever present Peace corps volunteers. Santos! 20 cent beers!

Costa Rica!
Gallo Pinto! Swinging through the rain forest with SGK's parents, Volcanoes. Hello to the Arpebings. Welcome back to first world prices.

The canal. US Dollars as a currency. Shitty beer. The Kuna Indians in the most beutiful place in the world: The San Blas Islands. Hello Kym!

Swimming in the Volcano. Fantastic Architecture. Tear Gas, Guerrilla attacks, plane hijackings, Bombings, DANGER! Hello to the Cartegena Crew and Frosty Nick

Welcome back to third world prices! Alpaca clothing. Cyber cafe's on ever corner! Rude Israeli soldiers. Hello to Nick's Parents!

Another winner here! more than a month. The childhood dream of seeing the Nazca lines, the 4 day Inca Trial, Scenery to die for. Cusquena beer. Hello Fiona, Owen and the Inca trail crew!

Titicaca from Isla del sol. Freezing temperatures. Altitude and more altitude. The driest desert on earth. Hello Mac, Luis and all the gang! Sandi's death :-(

Hello first world prices (Again!) Welcome back to the land where you can flush the paper! Skiing fresh powder in July!

Where do we go from here?

Well, my company wants me to Work in Oz; but SaraGrace wouldn't be able to work there, so we turned them down. They then asked if we would consider a couple of months as a trial; We are still waiting to hear back on that, but are not holding our collective breaths, so we decided to head on out again and see more of the world whilst we wait. We have a frequent flier ticket to NY where we will see my aunt and wait for a courier flight to London (Be warned all you residents of Britain! We may show up at your doorstep looking to sleep on your floor!)

In London we will buy a cheap flight from Seefax to South Africa!

Cheers and by for now!

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