Saturday, March 6, 1999

Greetings from Panajachel Guatemala!

Well, since being rescued off of Blackbird Caye, nothing quite that exciting has happened, unless you count the Chicken busses here in Guatamala.
After Belize we went to Tikal where the ruis are still for the most part covered with Jungle. Quite impresive. SG liked the howling monkeys; she said the reminded her of my snoring.
We´re behind schedule and over budget, but as Guatemala is so incredibly cheap, we think we should still be able to meet our goal of reaching Brazil in 6 months for $6000, although we already cheated by flying from Flores to Guatamala city (a 30 min flight).
We just finished a week long Spanish course. SG learned quite a bit; I was simply reminded af what I had forgotton. We are now headed to Rio Dulce where we plan to board a sailboat for a cruise to Utila in Hondura´s for some diving, then we will head to San Salvador, Managuas, and finaly to Costa Rica where SG´s parents are meeting us.

Take care, and y├íll think of me whilst your working your butt´s off.


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